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New Year New Series

The BIG little eaglet

I created the palm-size little eaglet as a fundraiser for Eaglemount in 2015.  They named the limited edition solid bronze little sculpture”Soren.”  The little bugger found his way into many […]

Cliff’s birthday

Cliff I know you hated to see me cry but you witnessed and cared for me through every simple and complicated crying spell imaginable during nearly 3 decades together on […]

Much to explore…

Grandmother’s lingerie.  Pearlescent paint.  Exploring expression of Alzheimer’s devastation inside my beautiful mother’s mind…

Finding himself…

The evening of the day I returned to sculpt the little owl, I went home and promptly got sick.  Perhaps sickness walloped me because I actually bragged out loud the […]

Emotional Return

Cliff was especially excited about the little owl sculpture I began last year. Returning to the project has been emotional for me but healing too…

Meet Levi Denham

Bought this bugger Thursday morning in 10 minutes over the phone through a trusted friend (I HIGHLY recommend Phil for any auto-buying needs).  Raymond and I left Friday evening for […]

Skateboard for Charity

I really need to get to work and should try to make some much-needed moola.  I have a zillion ideas.  If you follow my work you know I like to […]

Easter message…

Growth does not happen without uncomfortable moments. PTSD after a traumatic event last spring kept me from creating in my studio. Months and months (and months) passed without inspiration, a […]


At last…..! For the first time since the horrific dog pack attack last spring – I find myself actually inspired to create.  Phew…! Life has blessed me with inspiration – […]