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First Peek for you…

Studio beckons with a fervor I haven’t felt in years…

Winter Solstice

Darkness brings reflection.  But also, I found myself slowing down more than usual the past few months as my heart, body and mind needed to rest a bit after the […]

Finding himself…

The evening of the day I returned to sculpt the little owl, I went home and promptly got sick.  Perhaps sickness walloped me because I actually bragged out loud the […]

Lofty Heights and Soulful Depths

Two weeks of spiritual, artistic, scenic, meditative inspiration and healing.  I feel more-than-blessed. While I have zillions to share and stories abound – my internet time is limited.  Although internet […]

McNair Hare

I enjoyed creating a piece of art from a skateboard deck.  I dug into some very old acrylic paint which originally belonged to my dear artist friend Freeman Butts.  Fourteen […]


At last…..! For the first time since the horrific dog pack attack last spring – I find myself actually inspired to create.  Phew…! Life has blessed me with inspiration – […]

A few drawings left…

Embarked on the new venture of selling original ink drawings from INKtober on eBay last month.  Despite being too distracted by life to promote sales, 21 of the drawings found […]

More Inktober Drawings

I have never been detached from the actual mess-making part of studio life for such a long period of time.  But then, I have never experienced such a wickedly difficult […]

Between chapters…

I can’t mix the sawdust part of creation with the staining and feathering stages.  Someday I plan to add onto my studio so that I have a sawdust free space […]