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Breaking the egg…

Yesterday after a visit to my studio with his daughter a friend posted a photo of the sculpture I created for HATCH and wrote, ““When an egg breaks from outside […]

Charity Fundraiser

Passionate locals rallied to save the old Teslow grain elevator that is part of our town’s history and landscape. Several birdhouses were made in the shape of the grain elevator […]

Asha Kama

Last year while in Bhutan I read about the painter Asha Kama, fell in love with his work and was heartened by his commitment to public service. Determined to meet […]

Meet Levi Denham

Bought this bugger Thursday morning in 10 minutes over the phone through a trusted friend (I HIGHLY recommend Phil for any auto-buying needs).  Raymond and I left Friday evening for […]

McNair Hare

I enjoyed creating a piece of art from a skateboard deck.  I dug into some very old acrylic paint which originally belonged to my dear artist friend Freeman Butts.  Fourteen […]

Back in the saddle…

Cathy Weber is a fabulous artist and inspiring friend who has urged me the last few years to join her at CRatpod – a 140 mile ride around the Pioneer Mountains to […]

Skateboard for Charity

I really need to get to work and should try to make some much-needed moola.  I have a zillion ideas.  If you follow my work you know I like to […]

Easter message…

Growth does not happen without uncomfortable moments. PTSD after a traumatic event last spring kept me from creating in my studio. Months and months (and months) passed without inspiration, a […]

Rewind to Fast Forward

Pete Strom introduced me to Sasha.  I knew I would like Sasha before I met him simply because he is Pete’s friend.  Pete is pure blue/white light – a warm […]

Yellowstone Art Museum Auction

“Secret Miracles at Work” – my very first tree reliquary sculpture created years ago has been shown recently at the Yellowstone Art Museum in the exhibit leading up to their […]