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Montana Fires

My goodness – I am far behind with updates as I returned last month to Bhutan to complete the sculpture for the king a few months earlier than planned (with […]

Food for thought:

If you were a door – what kind of door would you be?

Let there be light…

Thankful for good light today (still wearing long underwear but at least I could shed two down layers and the fleece/wool Carhartt hat). Brave little buds have begun to appear […]

A rabbit for a prince

I leapt into the project the morning after my arrival as if jet lag wouldn’t catch me.  The weather has been unseasonably COLD since my arrival in Bhutan.  After two […]

Time warp in Bhutan

Two weeks have leapt, spun, crawled, tickled and tortured me since I left Montana to embark on the second chapter in the carving project for the king of Bhutan.  Time […]

The next chapter in Bhutan

I left Montana a week ago already (seems like much longer ago).  My first post enroute to Bhutan: The impressive land/snow mass presence of Mount Rainier pumped my spirit with […]

Little Prince

Crown Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan celebrated his first birthday earlier this month.  Of course I included a special critter just for the young prince when I designed the […]

Totally infectious Happiness

Singing – much of the time. Lotsa laughing. The Bhutanese carpenters I work with sing and laugh and laugh and sing. Old people, young people – sing. Totally infectious. I […]

Home Sweet Home

Oh my goodness.  We all need to sit down for a long cup of tea or a big glass of wine as I’ve sooooo many stories to share…! I meant […]


Big yak attack just below Cheli La pass. (gosh I love these cute buggers – there is something kind of bunny-like about them…)