Ah!  Sweeeeeet lazy sunny Sunday…!

I took the WHOLE day off (which is rare these past few months).  I slept in.  I poured Bailey’s in my tea.  I lounged with magazines.  I made brownie sundaes for breakfast…!

I found little goodies hidden by the Easter Bunny.  Then I took the Easter Bunny out for his very first ski.  Jeffery purchased some skinny skis at the local end-of-the-season sale so we ended winter season by shushing in short sleeve t-shirts while Zaydee danced and pranced in the snow.

I promised not to post pics from his first time on skis but here is proof Jeffery smiled his way through the day (and yes he IS on skis in the photo).

LOVELY!  Joyous afternoon soaked in sunshine and lavished with views.  We ate a picnic lunch complete with Easter goodies by the creek.  We took homemade stew to mom’s and spent the holiday evening lounging with her.  I have been more rested this past week than during the previous months.

Feels good.