Here’s a picture of the studio freshly sheet-rocked.

The only thing that can tear me away from the NEW studio right now are commitments made before this wonderful exciting stage of painting and staining the interior.  Heck, Paul has a client who is treating us to a complimentary weekend of skiing at Steamboat Springs and I can hardly stand the idea of leaving my new beautifu

lly sun lit creative space for four days – so much to do and I LOVE LOVE

LOVE being in the space.   The idea of catching a plane early in the morning feels like putting down a well written completely engaging book just before the final chapter – torture (of the best kind). The clearstory is brilliant. The windows and light beam a chorus of smiles from the sun.  The walls are pristine white and the windows trimmed simply in pine creating a rather church-ee feeling with the height and light.  Perfect place for the Muses to sing, dance, worship, play, and nap.  Placed on the west end of an open mountain meadow, the building captures the very first rays of sun each morning.  I actually stepped into the sunlight just a few feet before stepping into the door of the studio early yesterday morning.  Grinning.

Eagle Mount Day at Bridger

One of the commitments which pulled me from the studio Tuesday was my weekly volunteer ski day for Eaglemount.  Jackie giggles and grins her way down the mountain.  Sometimes she makes race car noises.  She gets cold easily so we “group hug” on the chairlift spinning tales, singing made up songs and thinking of ways to make her giggle more.  She always has a stuffed animal or two for skiing companions.  I am still learning the intricacies of just how to guide the sit

ski down the slope which means Jackie and the stuffed animals get more of a bouncy ride when I take the tethers but she seems to love it – ALL.

Each day in the studio brings exciting changes – Calypso Blue in the bathroom complete with a vanity which I stained deep purple, doors, windows, trim, etc.  More pictures soon…