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Food for thought:

If you were a door – what kind of door would you be?

Let there be light…

Thankful for good light today (still wearing long underwear but at least I could shed two down layers and the fleece/wool Carhartt hat). Brave little buds have begun to appear […]

A rabbit for a prince

I leapt into the project the morning after my arrival as if jet lag wouldn’t catch me.  The weather has been unseasonably COLD since my arrival in Bhutan.  After two […]

Asha Kama

Last year while in Bhutan I read about the painter Asha Kama, fell in love with his work and was heartened by his commitment to public service. Determined to meet […]

Time warp in Bhutan

Two weeks have leapt, spun, crawled, tickled and tortured me since I left Montana to embark on the second chapter in the carving project for the king of Bhutan.  Time […]

The next chapter in Bhutan

I left Montana a week ago already (seems like much longer ago).  My first post enroute to Bhutan: The impressive land/snow mass presence of Mount Rainier pumped my spirit with […]

Fresh from the foundry…

So much “Cliffness” in such a little critter.  He would have loved it…! Nearly half of the edition already pre-sold.  Linda (my mother-in-law) is going to take care of shipping bronzes […]

Much to explore…

Grandmother’s lingerie.  Pearlescent paint.  Exploring expression of Alzheimer’s devastation inside my beautiful mother’s mind…

Off to the foundry…!

At last…! I began this little bugger early last year. I hadn’t planned on creating an owl for 2016 (I had a another critter in mind) but early in the […]

Five decades…?!!!

When you get carded at the liqueur store buying goodies to celebrate your 50th birthday AND the memorable weekend away brings lots of warm fuzzies and fond memories shared with […]