Terry Fator Theater with Mom and Jeffery

She and Dad wanted to see Terry Fator. Together they cheered the ventriloquist episode after episode until he won “America’s Got Talent” years ago.  Dad’s untimely death cut short their travel plans.

So I took mom to Vegas.


Not our hotel but we took time to stop and smell the flowers

Cheap flights and a cheap hotel right in the gut of the strip.  The hotel was a little too cheap but we survived the nasty old carpet and endless ugly Formica and we appreciated being right near the Belagio (Cirque du Soliel) and the Mirage (Terry Fator).

I had tickets to “O” by Cirque du Soliel the first night we landed on the strip. Pure joy to share the depth of magic, creativity, talent and imagination with mom! Cirque Du Soliel leaves one speechless but rich with wonder.

"O" artist's gallery


Mom and I on "The Strip" in Vegas

The rest of our visit was a whirlwind – Chihuly glass and Christmas atrium at the Beliagio, dinner out with mom’s brother, Redrocks tour (once again with my uncle), and of course the grand finale evening at the Terry Fator theater with teary-eyed mom. She was happy. Missing Dad but happy, she laughed throughout the ventriloquist’s show.

Life is short. Fulfilling a promise to mom felt like something I did for Dad –a gift to him for her.

Mom and I getting into Cirque du Soliel spirit

Mom's and her brother Blake at Redrocks Canyon

Mom making a new friend at the Vegas Airport