Just over a week since my last post.  I certainly could have written LONG exploring bits from my life and adventures during the last 9 days…an emotional rollercoaster but time was allusive.  The short version is:  I went back to Texas – flew down there with my dear o’l retired logging pal Cliff to be with him and oversee his heart procedure.  Last Thursday I was at the hospital in Austin from 5 a.m until 10 p.m. while he had an ablation procedure which proved very successful.   Once released from the hospital, we hung out with my aunt in the “hill country” near Blanco Texas while Cliff recouped for a few days before he was strong enough for the flight home Tuesday.  The night before flying out I “called in the troops” to be there to help care for Cliff so that I could go straight from the airport to oversee a custom patina on a beautiful bronze (cast from a carving of a filly).  From the foundry I went home to my little cabin and CRASHED for a few hours.  Alas I was up before the sun to unpack and repack.  Paul, the kids and I drove 10 hours to Moab where we have been camping, mountain biking, and climbing as a much-needed outing for them, regrouping for me, and adventure.
Snow pelted the tent this morning and rolled down the red desert rock….good reason to put a little Bailey’s in the tea before breakfast.  Currently I’m at an internet cafe in Moab catching up with the world, business, and posting a quick little note on my whereabouts.  I’ve photos to share, projects in the works, emotions all over the place, creative juices gurgling, fingers itching, muscles to stretch, and s’mores to make.