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Monthly Archives: November 2016

As the Prayer-wheel turns…

Each morning as I stand in the back of a truck and bounce up the primitive road-under-construction to the job site in the trees, we pass this sweet sparkle soul […]

Happiness Abounds

A few mornings ago this bright beaming nun waddled up to Ken and I while we waited for our driver to pick us up at the bottom of the hill […]

Thanksgiving in the Bhutanese Lodge Kitchen

Pumpkins don’t exist in Haa but apples aplenty had me thinking I could whip out one of my mom’s apple pies for the gang but I kinda wimped out at […]

So thankful I could cry…

I’ve a 13 hour head start on Thanksgiving as the sun rises quietly above the beautiful Haa Valley. I’ve much to be grateful for but here is one personally powerful […]

Lofty Heights and Soulful Depths

Two weeks of spiritual, artistic, scenic, meditative inspiration and healing.  I feel more-than-blessed. While I have zillions to share and stories abound – my internet time is limited.  Although internet […]

Featured in the news

Sooooo…. The night before I left for Bhutan, Q2 News featured me.  I have tried to embed the video here but some weird tech glitch or perhaps the tenuous internet […]

Off to adventure…

Soooooo…… Best intentions of keeping you up to date literally slid sideways as a careless driver T-boned me when running a stop sign in an intersection, totaling my truck, battering […]

My husband the bullfighter

Dust. Snot. Sweat. Dirt. Skill. My husband is a bullfighter (as a hobby) which means he gets paid to protect the fellas who ride bulls. Raymond simply loves impressive bulls – […]