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Monthly Archives: April 2016

McNair Hare

I enjoyed creating a piece of art from a skateboard deck.  I dug into some very old acrylic paint which originally belonged to my dear artist friend Freeman Butts.  Fourteen […]

Tough stuff

Tissue.  Mom won’t go anywhere without it.  She hangs onto Kleenex like a toddler hangs onto its favorite blanket. She may ask where we are going six or seven times […]

Back in the saddle…

Cathy Weber is a fabulous artist and inspiring friend who has urged me the last few years to join her at CRatpod – a 140 mile ride around the Pioneer Mountains to […]

Skateboard for Charity

I really need to get to work and should try to make some much-needed moola.  I have a zillion ideas.  If you follow my work you know I like to […]

Radiate Confidence

  Many years ago someone from the Oprah Network wanted me on their show called, “Fearless Women.” I laughed. I am anything but fearless. I told them they should name […]