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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Unforgettable birthday

I celebrated an unforgettable birthday in the jungle of Panama.  Fred Dent (HATCH board member) and David Purkey (US Water Group Leader) were both born on the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius […]

HATCH Latin America

What happens when a thoughtfully curated group of “Dreamers who Do” from fourteen countries go “off the grid” together in the jungle with intense authentic soul opening, heart touching, thought […]


Frankly I was a total wimp in the beginning. Asking for $$ is FAR out of my comfort zone…!!! Life also has kept me pretty distracted. Between caring for my mother […]

Pay it forward

Goodness knows I’ve plowed through enough mistakes on my own to be able to spare others by sharing knowledge. Officially and unofficially I have mentored for decades…perhaps my whole life. […]

Bison Bench arrives at the airport!

Carved 15 years ago in Black Walnut (then cast in bronze) – I am pleased to finally have a public sculpture on “home turf!”  Once it is installed, the sculpture […]

BIG beginnings…

I had a good feeling about 2016.  Simply the number “2016” looks and feels friendly and inviting.  A focus on shifts, growth, acceptance and ease after an exceptionally challenging few years […]


Deeply happy – I’ve watched this video dozens of times and laugh out loud each time while my heart skips and spins in the warm-fuzzy embrace of family.

sweet simple encouragement

Today I found this message from a fan whom I’ve never met: “Glad to see you back in the studio. And recovering” My reply: “Thank-you”   Followed by his response: […]