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Monthly Archives: December 2015

A tender heart on Christmas Eve

I held the candle. Mom gripped the pew in front of us with both hands – teetering – but full of song; a delicate bird exposed to too much weather […]

Holiday cheery chores…

Drinking wine, wrapping presents, eating poppycock, listening to London choir sing Christmas carols and counting my blessings.

Sliding into a season of wonder and light…

Momma Nature blessed us with perfectly fun sledding conditions Sunday so we hosted a gathering for a few families to enjoy our 2-mile downhill sled run.  SO much fun!!!!  I […]

A few little sculptures left for Christmas…

Tidings of joy and a big o’l froggy grin…! Wrapped with a festive bow, the little palm-size bronzes make a wonderful holiday gift.  Only 100 of each will ever be […]

Another summit for Tala

Last month between snowstorms we tagged a summit with my dear artist friend Stephanie Revennaugh. Stephanie and I like to celebrate her annual homecoming after a busy summer/autumn art-shows-on-the-road season […]

A few drawings left…

Embarked on the new venture of selling original ink drawings from INKtober on eBay last month.  Despite being too distracted by life to promote sales, 21 of the drawings found […]