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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Conical Peak

Spent a memorable day doing one of my favorite things with one of my favorite young peeps last week. Sami and I tagged a summit in the Crazies. We rallied […]


I recently spent four days in an intensive retreat with 150 peeps from around the world hand-selected to be together “to HATCH a better world.” I am honored. Exhausted. Inspired. […]

Vino Paradisio

Sunday morning after a restless night I wiped dried up blood off of my road bike, loaded it into my truck along with wine and appetizers and picked up Merry (who […]

Through the darkness

Psychological demons left me crumbled without creative inspiration the past few months after I was attacked by a pack of vicious pitbulls in the spring.  I forced myself to draw […]

Tala’s first summit

The wound in Tala’s neck healed quickly but she is a bit of a mess around male dogs since her attack this spring. Tala is a hermit-by-default living with me […]