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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Saturday afternoon

“Through the Veil of the Soul”

A day in the life…

Before sunrise: Drove beneath a scrawny slice of moon nearly smudged out by fuzzy dark starless sky. Maneuvered the slick icy obstacle course of zipping ghost white jackrabbits on my […]

Mini-reliquary – a peek into the process

Christmas is coming…

What a sweet treat to yourself or memorable gift for the holidays…!  Cast in solid bronze, these two palm-size sculptures have been finding special places to live all over the country.  I […]

Artprize recap

I knew next-to-nothing about Artprize until the day before the deadline when artist Adonna Khare enthusiastically encouraged me to enter. Adonna won the $200,000 prize two years ago at Artprize; […]

Golden skull

Inspiration Point: Brené Brown

I feel like a kitten who just got a good “lick bath” from momma cat: Seen. Heard. Loved. Understood. And yes. I’m feeling a bit damp too (from tears). Thank-you […]

Getting back into the studio

I pine for my studio/creative life when I am away from it too long.  I even get grumpy like someone who has skipped too many meals or given up chocolate. […]

Post-show summit fever

Halloween arrived with loads of sunshine. I’d saved my urge to climb a peak until artist Stephanie Revenaugh returned from weeks of shows so that we could share “post-show summit […]