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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Chihuly and Flamenco Music

One bright sunny morning two weeks ago I was inspired by the following Chihuly image:  

Season’s First Ride

Hyalite LakeTwo weeks ago on a splendid sunny afternoon, the talented artist Stephanie Revennaugh and I left our studios,pulled on padded shorts and peddled up Hyalite Canyon to the reservoir. […]

Kaden Creates at the Studio

Ten year old Kaden spent an afternoon with me two weeks ago as part of a year-end project for his 4th grade class.  He created an artwork obviously influenced by […]

The First in a Series

Juicy.  Enticing.  Poetic.  Fun.  Challenging.  Engaging.

Enjoying the Dance

Pure joy –  a zillion hours later… Five finished (in the background) Several in-the-works (foreground) A few left to begin (in the middle ground) I make messes and discoveries – […]

The Calm Before the Storm

Immediately after I finished carving the new mini-reliquaries I cleaned the studio.  The photo was taken before I left for Texas to visit TD Kelsey last month.  Cleaning and clearing […]