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Monthly Archives: October 2013

sharp beauty

The barbwire is a hundred years old, pulled from the bottom of fences on local ranches when replaced with antelope-friendly wire along corridors where the graceful creatures migrate.  My dear […]

stuck moments

The guidebook said “a skinny person” could fit through the small hole at the top of the chimney on the second pitch of “Skyline Buttress” – otherwise the pitch could […]

i never promised you a rose garden series complete

Three sculptures.  A trinity.  Complete. How do I know when a series is complete?  What about all the pages full of sketches with multiple other sculptures in this series that […]

me on a billboard…?

The phone call came early this spring telling me about a project the local committee for tourism planned to launch featuring local “characters.”  My first guess was they wanted me […]

final piece in the latest series…


I have been beautifully buried in HATCH. What is HATCH? HATCH is a meeting of the minds and hearts of soulful people. Part summit/part retreat – one hundred people are […]