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Monthly Archives: September 2013

september snow

Wrote in my journal before dawn while flames danced in the stove.  Dark night gave way to dawn.  The world changed overnight. Wonder.

just waiting for the final coat to dry…

Soooooo many layers of stain = rich beauty BUT they create super long drying times…!  I must be patient but I am itching to stand this bugger up!  Each sculpture hatches […]

meet my neighbors

full of surprises (and smiles)

I am not sure where Jeffery found his dancing shoes – but boy does he have some moves…!  Pretty fun and amazing discovery in someone who insisted that he didn’t […]

golden days

Crisp crunchy leaves, late afternoon and evening dramatic thunderstorms, cool bright starry nights and the light…!  Ah…the autumn light tickles my thoughts and fuels my love of the mountains. I […]