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Monthly Archives: August 2013

art and adventure – splendid perfect weekend away

Heels to cowboy boots (and plenty of wardrobe changes between) – the long weekend adventure retreat in Jackson Hole was jam packed with giggles, guts and grace. Thursday morning I […]

plenty o’ bear (or bear poop anyway)

Big o’l pile of bear poop in my driveway – I took the photo on my daily “commute” from my cabin to the studio.  Since then I have stumbled onto […]

sometimes ya have to take it off…

My judgment was off.  I had a certain color in mind.  I thought it would be best to blend and match the frame of the niche to the 100-year-old barbwire […]

east rosebud hike – wild raspberries, gushing stream and good company

featured in Big Sky Journal

Fresh off the press!  The latest mention of me (and my work of course!) in a glossy magazine. The article features painter Wendy Marquis as well as author Christopher Paolini […]

two happy gals

let the layering begin…!