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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Talking at TEDx Bozeman

I set a goal for myself to be selected someday to speak at TED – just after I viewed my first TED talk online years ago. Next month I have […]

painting for charity

I blew the sawdust off some paintbrushes and headed down the mountain to the Livingston Depot for an evening of collaborative painting.  The annual Rotary Event fundraiser for underprivileged children […]

buried in woodchips, sawdust and deadlines

Deadlines are LOOMING.  Life has been full and exceptionally challenging this past week – strrrrrrretching me. Growth is good.  Painful sometimes. Exhilarating too. I don’t have time to share stories […]

a girls gotta breath (and avoid combustion)

I am a mess-maker.  Sawdust happens. But some days the dust hangs thick as a wool army blanket in the air.  Scary stuff.  I worry about little Zaydee who insists […]

museum moving day

Someday…ah…yes….someday…there will be a crew of professionals to move my sculptures.  I won’t have to give up a studio day to schlep sculptures.  Maybe I will enjoy a relaxing day […]