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Monthly Archives: January 2013

slow dance

January was a month laid low. I slow-danced with the flu and insomnia. But they weren’t my only dance partners. Short rounds of focused time in the studio added up […]

studio snapshot

featured in Rural Montana Magazine

The people behind my electrical power send out a monthly complimentary magazine that connects 120,000 homes throughout Montana in the same good-natured way the local winter fair brings people together. […]

beauty below zero

Woke this morning at 4 am, which is “normal” for me when “normal” allows for a night of sleep.  I felt refreshed for the first time in over a month.  […]

scary log dance

You would roll your eyeballs if you saw how nervous and squeaky I get when scooting the big logs around.  The part that freaks me out is when they are […]

great grandfather clock with two easy-to-care-for-wolves needs a home

  A rare opportunity!!!  The owners of “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” the Great Grandfather clock currently on exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies are interested in selling the sculpture!  They move […]

sweet sleep!

Livingston lights twinkle in the valley below – a festive pre-dawn backdrop just beyond the soft flame of the candle lit here on the wee desk in my cabin.  My […]

eyes ahead