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Monthly Archives: November 2012

chosen to speak at TEDx Bozeman!!

Honored.  Delighted by the challenge.  Kinda scared – like the feeling I get when I look up at a frozen waterfall before I get my feet off the ground… Overwhelmed […]

clay critters

I thought perhaps I would “whip out a bunny” in clay to cast in bronze so that many of my “peeps” would have the option of an affordable sculpture and […]


The smell of fresh woodchips blasted a glorious greeting to my nose and licked my soul like a rambunctious puppy this morning when I entered the studio. After a few […]

winter wonderland

post-vote ride with Zaydee

Zaydee is a lovely girl; happiest when she is out on the trail sniffing and grinning.  I was huffing, puffing, peddling and grinning.  Momma Nature blessed us with a sun-kissed […]

golden glow

refreshing retreat

I LOVE my work.  Passion drives me.  Vision propels me.  Inspiration oozes inside, outside and all around.  I can hardly quit working.   But the thing is – stress from lack […]