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Monthly Archives: September 2012

hinge day

impromptu weekend away

Driven by three weeks of intense forest fire smoke, the accompanying relentless headache and a stir crazy feeling of being cooped up under a thick wool blanket sky – I […]

maxing out the sawmill


Inspired, passion-driven and loving my NEW studio – can I just say that work has been simply JUICEY since beginning a NEW series of my own sculptural “Reliquaries.”  Before I […]

final touch – small detail with big impact

Tickled. The final touch elicited a deep down warm molasses feeling of satisfaction followed by a sweet aftertaste of wonder.

foundry fun times

Early Wednesday morning after a very chilly run along the Yellowstone River, I scooted to the foundry to oversee the patina on this little fella.

holiday weekend highlights

Most of the holiday weekend was spent in my studio and office.  I don’t mind – at all.  Friday I played hooky to join a batch of girlfriends for a […]

ta da

Sigh Laced with wonder – a deep satisfied happy sigh.  The sculpture is complete.

momma nature unleashed

Even Momma Nature has serious housekeeping to do – forest fires are part of life in the mountains.  Purge.  Renew. Scary.  Impressive. Haunting.  Devastating.  Mesmerizing. The fires around my neck […]