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Monthly Archives: August 2012

a bit more than we bargained for

Sunday morning broke cool and calm – definitely a whiff of autumn in the air after a chilly night.  The sun lazily slept-in behind a smoke filled sky.  I opted […]

commission distraction

More than any other time in my career, promising possibilities are RIGHT there…dangling…nearly touching down with running shoes on ready to spring into action.  I can’t wait to blast out […]

a day away…

Last Sunday after a totally sleepless night I decided to get up in the dark, pack some decadent scrumptious goodies and drive to the Crazy Mountains with Zaydee to join […]

hooked on barbwire

Oh my goodness I’ve discovered a new (old) material that I’m super excited about!  The idea to use barbwire in the new reliquary series occurred to me many months ago.  […]

seven layers so far

Woodgrain is the thumbprint, veins, history, story, kin, life and vital meanderings of a tree.  My intent is very rarely to erase the grain but rather exalt, hint, honor and […]

always a bit scary at first…

Put the 1st layer of stain on today.  SCARY.  But GOOD scary since the fear comes from being attached to the piece in its current beauty and because the 1st […]

time for color

peaks and parties

Crisp cool air drops heavy non-subtle hints of autumn – I feel compelled to tag summits, mountain bike my booty off, gather firewood for the studio woodstove and pull on […]