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Monthly Archives: June 2012

snow angels on black mountain summit

Eleven studio days straight in a row – AWESOME to be sooooooo inspired to create.  I ignore my phone and computer each day til noon (and often after that).  The […]

a stay-cation and a new beginning…

  Other than a weekend here and there, I haven’t actually taken a total vacation for nearly a year.  The studio calls me with urgency and it seems that I […]

baby critter season

Little spotted Bambi babies, geeky gangly moose calves, impressively fast elk youngsters and wee tiny antelope – I just love animal baby season!! Last week a momma deer stood below […]

proof is in the butt print

    I actually call this my “Mr Roger’s Chair.”  The stool sits near the closet where I keep my work clothes.  Most days I sit on it for a […]