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Monthly Archives: April 2012

sneak peek

Come and see “Dancing in Orion” before the 2000 pound sculpture gets bundled up and put on a truck to Texas I never publish photos of a finished commission before […]

dancing in orion

Early morning sun filled the studio with soft spring light.  I sat for a moment to look at the sculpture  just completed.  Bright light softness filled my insides, my heart […]

golden green day

  Springtime in the Rockies pumps up Momma Nature’s “switchy mood.”  She puts on and discards outfits in a fast frenzy like a gal getting ready for a date; fun […]

twist of fate

“Here you are climbing all over God’s creation and you fall down your own stairs,” my friend Kat wrote to me this morning. Yup. Certainly there are a gazillion ways […]