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Monthly Archives: March 2012

ready for color

My innards are chirping like a nest of baby birds – full of hunger, life and high pitched excitement.  A whole new chapter outside and inside the studio; I wake […]

dancing in cracks with stone

Two thousand pounds of dense dark wood – the Mesquite log smells strong as the red earth of Texas.  The log stood split open before me in the beginning; a […]

the journey

The wood is full of possibility.  We fall in love.  I flirt.  We dance.  I sweat.  We become something outside of ourselves. The log is no longer a log.  But […]

beautifying a buggy

The buggy is over 100 years old, painstakingly restored by a friend of mine. I simply have to take after it with a brush and more red paint to personalize […]

field trip fun

The “Field Trip” event launched with the warmth and joy of a school bus packed with youthful spirits ready to explore and share.  Complete with good o’l sack lunches and […]