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Monthly Archives: February 2012

lunch box art

Will and Cache are gifts to each other and the world.  Zesty juicy souls who grace the lives of anyone lucky enough to brush their warm fuzzy wide reaching web; […]


The sun may have thought about setting the clouds on fire but it was enjoying a moment similar to mine. Languid. Soft. Pastel. I was soaking at the Boiling River […]

mindfulness meditation retreat

A glimpse into my mind would be an amusement park ride gone a muck.  If a switch exists to trip the breaker then I haven’t found it.  Attempts at meditation […]

drawing from life

Fingertips blackened, eyes sharpened, a soul-settling satisfaction and post-meditative state of mind result when I draw from life.  I had almost forgotten… But lucky for me, the desire to draw […]