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Monthly Archives: January 2012


So here I am on the other side of my mother’s estate sale: plumb tuckered, wrung out and emotional.  Stress, grief and responsibility tromped on my soul with muddy boots.  […]

hooked on ice!

Austin is a delightful bright sparkle of a young being and the daughter of a dear friend of mine.  Last summer she discovered rock climbing.  I enjoyed the pleasure of […]

sunday soak

Sami , Jake, Ali, Cliff and I celebrated the bright winter moon by hiking to Leroy’s Lookout Saturday night.  Moon shadows danced on the ice and frozen dirt beneath our […]

woodchips, sawdust and a boo boo

One morning last week I had just begun to work in the studio – about 40 seconds of grinding wood with a tungsten carbide wheel on an angle grinder when […]

polar plunged into the new year!

  What better way to bring in the New Year than a vigorous life-affirming dive past the ice into a COLD Montana mountain lake?!  The heart leaps with a powerful […]