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Monthly Archives: July 2011

squeezing in play time

Between life, family, work, visitors and unplanned trips to ER (see below) – I am not quite certain how I manage to find time to play but play I must. […]

from foam to clay

Aroma as thick and delectable as jam flavors the air after a rainstorm on my mountain.  How blessed am I that the walk to work in the morning is through […]

between the snake and the ER

The post-Texas-trip return to my studio was spent in the office part of art life Monday. I cranked and crammed in an all day attempt to catch up in my […]

doggie skinny-down time (if only it were that easy for me!)

A rasp and a Sawzall were used to shape the Styrofoam armature of this little doggie.  Pretty simple process but those little Styrofoam balls stick with static to everything. Pesky. […]

playing catch! (up) with the dog

PHEW!  I am dropping off the sculpture of the dog and bee at the foundry today while on my way for an evening of rock climbing before I roll my […]

first summit of the season

Mountain peaks beckon me – not just to look at but to approach, explore and sit upon.  Usually I visit several each summer.  I just LOVE to traverse from summit […]