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Monthly Archives: June 2011

an idle hoist

STYROFOAM?!! The strange block of whiteness seems out of place in my brand spank’n new studio. Just check out the BIG hoist hanging there itch’n to get to work to […]

respite from storms

Late yesterday afternoon I cleaned the blood from the front seat of my truck (left from Cliff’s post surgery ride home) and threw in my dusty biking backpack covered in […]

road rash

Emotions splatter my innards like a Jackson Pollack painting – levity is elusive. A few relationships in my life are currently especially challenging – scraping me raw.  I wonder just […]

styrofoam, clay, stone and ashes

I am on the flip side of a few dark murky weeks.  Vivid light beams bright inside as my soul takes some refueling deep breaths and stretches its arms wide.  […]