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Monthly Archives: May 2011

sunshine and snow flurries

Wound up and worried about my mother, Paul suggested I leave the studio for some air.  I stoked the wood stove with scraps and headed out on a hike up […]

jumbled fizz and feathers

Yesterday I enjoyed a sweet scrumptious day ALONE in my new studio for the first time. Ahhhh!!  I love to watch the sun come up from my cozy cabin before […]

bump in the road

I hit a duck while driving to Mom’s.  Broke my heart.  The shiny green-headed little bugger just ran out in front of me…then tried to run faster with neck stretched, […]

bear with me…

Spring is (among so many wonderful things) the season when bears awake from a long cozy slumber to roam and forage, driven by post-hangover munchies.  Thus it is also the […]