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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Art Schlepping

Yesterday three fellas and I delivered “Sojourn” to the Jet Center. Today I’m off to Helena with a trailer to pick up the two “Reliquary” sculptures recently exhibited in “Outside the Box.” While I don’t mind rolling across the autumn Montana landscape to Helena and I look forward to a visit with the awesome people and place the Holter Museum offers – I must admit that my studio work is engaging – thus difficult to put on the back-burner.

Will be good for me to take a break and snack on art…

Sense of Place(s)

An innate sense of place is hard wired into my central nervous system. The need to nest chirps incessantly like hungry baby chicks and follows me wherever I go. Perhaps it has something to do with art – creating composition whether that composition is inside a tent, the front seat of my truck, at home or in a drawer. The arrangement of things or even the absence of things and the space between things affects everything. Objects have energy. Space reflects the energy of the objects and the inhabitants. I don’t need much BUT the things that make their way into my life are carefully selected and consciously arranged.

My home is a haven. My studio is not simply a shop with tools. 

Sharing a chunk of my life with Paul and the kids in Bozeman during the past year is a “cup-runneth-over” blessing. Four souls (new loved ones) landed in my life not long before a year punctuated with the loss of my father and the surgical removal of some significant girlie parts. While I mourned the loss of my ability to have children the Cosmos gifted me – not with motherless children– but with three children whose hearts are big enough to love another momma-ish being in their lives.  Blessings and surprises never cease; the little buggers teamed up with two of my nieces to perform a play for my father after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis AND they each made mother’s day cards for me

Goosebumps, tears, and a grin. 

I was careful not to tromp on the familiar home they previously shared with both of their parents while the bond between us blossomed. I felt like a misplaced flower in a garden not at all like my own – I tip-toed through the tulips.   Last week we moved from that over-large vacuous echo-filled unconsciously arranged place into a smaller comfy family-oriented home near a creek at the base of a canyon within their school district. PHEW! Our new home feels weed-free and ready for us to arrange ourselves with each other in mind. The rented house is older but the energy is fresh and family oriented. I call it “The Hyalite House.”Unexpectedly life has placed me in three gardens at once: my cabin at the end of the road near the top of a mountain, the studio, and now – the Hyalite House. Skipping, rooting, creating, settling and embracing.

Pick of the Week

Snickers has two more days to find a home at his current serious sale half price for charity.  The  last few Pick of the Week artworks have found homes within minutes of posting on Facebook.  Good deal for a good cause and a bit of fun. 

First Post-surgery Summit

Long awaited – at last – I sat on top of a mountain Sunday. 


I had no idea the healing process would take as long as it has or that life would challenge me enough that the need to challenge myself with a peak would not be a priority but I must say that being on top of a mountain felt really good!!! 
Mentally, spiritually and…yes…strangely enough even physically it felt good even though I was slow, out of shape, and hurting in places I haven’t hurt in awhile but a good hurt if that makes any sense. Three days have passed and I can still feel that summit in my feet, calves and thighs but I am grinning. 
“Elephant Head” is the name of the mountain I tagged in the Beartooths –a rather odd looking but compelling peak not far from my cabin. We picked and ate wild raspberries (in October!) 
The weather was perfect. Zaydee had a blast. Even she was stiff and sore for a few days since we haven’t been going out on a regular basis but I am itching to get fully back in shape and get after it (ice climbing season is just around the corner!)
Elephant Head is the squarish looking peak in the middle of the photo.  The peak doesn’t resemble an Elephant in the photo but it certainly does once a person hikes up to the ridge and around to the backside of the peak.
Do you see an elephant?