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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Lotsa Little Critters

Ya gotta love a client who shares her beautiful Texas home with a batch of exotic affectionate colorful and furry little characters.  My life-long affection for bunnies is proof of my inclination for big fuzzy ears.  Alas…big ears are abundant in the batch of  wee rug-rats who scamper about the walnut, granite and tile floors.

Ali is the least exotic but what a sweetheart.  AliA Yorkshire Terrier, she is quiet and well  behaved.  She trots like a wind up toy gone rusty in her hind quarters…a bit stocky like a miniature female German wrestler she’s well fed, sweet and unassuming.



  Sassy (2)

Jack and Sassy are Cornish Rex Cats – long and sleek regal siblings.  Their prominent foreheads and giant ears look Egyptian.   Softer than my grandmother’s old fur coat, their short curly fur resembles grandma’s soft o’l coat  with tight little waves.  Jack has a Groucho Marx mustache and his sister is a patchwork of white, black and tan.  All eyes and ears, they look even more aloof than most cats but are surprisingly affectionate.  Sassy parked herself on my lap the whole time I sat at my computer.

Cami is the newest addition.  No bigger than a guinea pig, she Cami makes up for her diminutive size with spunk.  A tri-colored long-haired Chi Wawa who instantly squirmed her cute little bug-eyed soul right into my arms (er…hand) and wrapped around my heart.   I am infatuated with her.  I could zip her up in my hoodie with her big ears and little tongue hanging out  and take her home with me.

My client also has a beautiful big German Sheppard named Hobo whom she rescued.  Scars and a limp are testament of his pre-adoption vagabond days.  He watches over the ranch but hangs out with the wee little gang at the home now and then.  Hobo is smart, mellow and loyal (he also has big ears) and is a handsome bugger.

We rescued a pale oriental looking mix-breed dog while I was visiting.  The lost or abandoned dog was bright and friendly.  I just can’t imagine the kind of person who could dump a dog but am glad to be working with a big-hearted client who shares my love for furry critters and big ears.  Stay tuned for updates on the art part of the Devil Woman Saloon project.

Spring Break – Moab


Returned from the desert yesterday. 

Red sandy camping gear was washed and put away.  Sandals, climbing pack, biking pack, helmets and headlamps are stowed away in the gear closet.  Last night my pink rose flannel sheets and fluffy pillows felt scrumptious.  The post-midnight-pee lacked the butt-chilling,  sandy-toe-under-the-stars-stumble of cold desert nights in camp.  My emotions are mixed.  I’ve only been home a handful of nights in the last four weeks – home sweet home feels good.  Snow blankets the hillside behind my cabin.  Dust and neglected plants compete for attention inside my cabin.  I am sporting big new bruises, a few scrapes, and a sunburned nose but am encouraged by how well my post-surgery body handled the activity. 

My body is healing. 

My heart still feels rough and raw like the desert rock.  Bare, exposed, burnished by sand and sun – a bit grittyExpansive.  I drank deep from the stars.  I snuggled, encouraged and laughed with the kids.  I dreamt that I had stuffed their colorful kickball under my shirt to see how pregnancy felt, did a deep easy knee bend with my shirt stretched tight and knew that pregnancy would have felt right.  I lay awake at night in a family tent big enough for a disco ball dance party, listened to the sweet sounds of kids sleeping, and simply felt.   Love and loss.  I marvel at the contrast of beauty and the harshness of a desert landscape heart.  Barren. 

Promising open spaces.

Gratitude and a grin.  Longing.   Deep sigh.  Big breath. 

Fresh start.        

A week in the life…

Just over a week since my last post.  I certainly could have written LONG exploring bits from my life and adventures during the last 9 days…an emotional rollercoaster but time was allusive.  The short version is:  I went back to Texas – flew down there with my dear o’l retired logging pal Cliff to be with him and oversee his heart procedure.  Last Thursday I was at the hospital in Austin from 5 a.m until 10 p.m. while he had an ablation procedure which proved very successful.   Once released from the hospital, we hung out with my aunt in the “hill country” near Blanco Texas while Cliff recouped for a few days before he was strong enough for the flight home Tuesday.  The night before flying out I “called in the troops” to be there to help care for Cliff so that I could go straight from the airport to oversee a custom patina on a beautiful bronze (cast from a carving of a filly).  From the foundry I went home to my little cabin and CRASHED for a few hours.  Alas I was up before the sun to unpack and repack.  Paul, the kids and I drove 10 hours to Moab where we have been camping, mountain biking, and climbing as a much-needed outing for them, regrouping for me, and adventure.
Snow pelted the tent this morning and rolled down the red desert rock….good reason to put a little Bailey’s in the tea before breakfast.  Currently I’m at an internet cafe in Moab catching up with the world, business, and posting a quick little note on my whereabouts.  I’ve photos to share, projects in the works, emotions all over the place, creative juices gurgling, fingers itching, muscles to stretch, and s’mores to make. 

Eagle Mount Ski Day (Goopy Guts)

I skied with Becki.  We threw snowballs.  We sang.  We “shot” each other while she chased me in a game of cops and robbers.  When Becki “chases” me I can get her to turn more and snowplow less.  We made up a rap song on the lift.  We traded places while Becki played the “instructor.” She was pretty serious about her instructions and I thought I’d come up with a good idea until she gleefully shot past me and took off down the hill “to show me how its done.”   We snowplowed (lots).  We laughed and hugged…and hugged and laughed.  Then I filled the routine report, snuck out of the hut without engaging the staff and trudged across the mud to my truck where I broke out in tears and cried my way down to the highway.
My innards have been a mess of gloppy goo.  Alas gloppy goo is better than hardened cement.  I visited with my dear sweet smart kind and caring surgeon earlier in the week and was assured the emotional swings and deep depression are common in women who have undergone recent hysterectomies.  Of course somehow I thought I would be different than most and am shocked at the depth and length of darkness and emotions.  I can say that rising above the muck for someone like Becki is worth the energy it takes to muster my gumption.  The day on the slopes volunteering for Eagle Mount and skiing with Becki was a good thing and the tears…?…well …just part of my healing process. 
Encouragement, support and compassion from close friends have me humbled and grateful.  Some days it  feels like I’m slipping on a loose scree slope where a steady hand and safe belay make all the difference.   Luckily I have incredible friends who understand.  I’m awkward at best while learning to open and receive.  What a journey
Eagle Mount is a volunteer program to provide quality recreational activities for people with mental and physical disabilities.  See past posts about other great (and tearless) Becki ski days.

Patron Place Winner!


My dentist is not only exceptional…she is my cousin AND the latest winner of a drawing for Charter Patron Place Members!!  She’s still trying to pick out her Work on Paper, a gift from me.  Here are two lovely horse pieces she purchased recently: