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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Starless Night

Not a single star blinked back at me while I bounced sleepless about my cabin last night – unless one rolled out from under a thick warm cloud blanket sometime after 4 a.m.  Sleep hasnite been more than evasive this week.  Sleep scuttled into a small dark hole out of the cat’s reach under the kitchen cabinets where it scratched and scratched and scratched.  Incessantly.  Irritatingly.  Persistently.  Maddeningly.  All night sleep poked and pointed, nipped and bit, sniffed and slunk.  Finally just before sunup I grabbed it by the arm, rousted sleep from its ruse, and shook the dust bunnies off.  I glared at the mocking little bugger until the gleeful defiant glint softened in surrender, shuddered and sighed.  Limp.  I turned my back to the starless sky, curled up and slept.

“Spruced Up”

The puffed up little bugger found a home in a sweet little cabin near a creak below Emigrant Peak in Paradise Valley._DSC1496

Glimpse from Last Week

Mother Nature got up from a languid autumn nap.  Stretched.  Then browsed a catalog of weather while drinking a double-shot of espresso.  The result?  A caffeine infused shopping spree of snow, sun, cold, more snow, single digit temps, creative cloud skies, warm weather, lightning, rain, thunder, hot afternoons and mud.  October Loop Hike


Loop hike on my mountain (last week)









Today?  Rain and more rain after a starry night.  Life itself feels super-charged like the weather.  Moments during the past week were as dark and thick as sludge left in the bottom of a delicate white coffee cup.  Soft and hard.  Tender and harsh.  Poignant and painful.  Sweet and bitter.  Precious and precarious.  The result?


Amber Jean – LIVE (in video clips)

Just in case the written word doesn’t cover enough from my life, art, and adventures…I’ve added my very own YouTube Channel to upload short videos from…wellmy lifeart…and adventures!  Wahoo!  (and Yikes!)

Actually it is fun to shoot video footage and share.  I’ve a zillion ideas and am open to your suggestions.  I hadn’t realized that I could automatically link YouTube to my blog until the darling dog lover Roxanne Hawn  gave me the hint/suggestion today.  She’s a freelance writer with a fun informative blog  www.championofmyheart.com which she describes as “a dog blog about hope and hard work.”

Thanks to Roxanne’s suggestion, I have set things up so that future videos will automatically post right on my blog.  But you may have missed the first few videos so visit: www.youtube.com/montanamber

If you have a moment – grab a cup of tea or a shot of whiskey and check out the channel.  The videos are short.  While you are there feel free to rate the videos, subscribe, write feedback and sign up as my friend in the “friends box.”  Did you catch that?  (a not-so-subtle hint)  🙂  I want your feedback!  If you visit and leave a mark somewhere  on the montanamber channel you can help get rid of that “no scratch polished” look that comes from being brand new.  Right now the site looks too new…too shiny…too “friendless.”

Stay tuned!

“Cheery Chirper”

Found a new home before the snow storm.  Lucky little chirper!

Pile of Poop

A little over a week ago I posted a note about a BIG pile of bear poop I found 100 yards from my cabin (see “Holy Bear Poop Batman”).  Of course I took a photo when I discovered the poop but didn’t have the guts to post it because this is suppose to be an inspiring art blog and I wasn’t sure just how poop photos fair on the internet.  BUT you asked for it!!  Ok…maybe you didn’t…but plenty of people did…so…here you go: 
Bear Poop
Um.  Yuck?! 
Actually it was both impressive and a bit fascinating.  Either it was left by one BIG bear or a regular-sized bear with an irregular digestive problem.  Regardless…right after I shot the photo, I returned to my cabin to grab the bear spray before getting back to my hike.  Finding “Amber parts” in a pile of bear poop might be interesting but I’d rather they stick to the berries.

Warm milk of Creativity

Morning dawned white with snowfall. Treetops fade toward blank frozen sky. Maya finally settled down after a serious case of cabin fever, she hates cold weather. Zaydee is covered in wet dirt from futile hours spent digging after little bunnies hunkered in hiding places under my cabin. I feel like losing the day to a good book, warm food, and Baileys. Sounds uninspired but actually I am brewing like a slow batch of cider on the stove top. Feelings and images rollover each other inside my head like cozy kittens. I’m torn between the desire to reach in and pluck one protesting little mewing kitten from the bunch to see just where the feisty critter takes me…or…letting the little nuzzled together squirmy buggers nurse awhile longer. The ideas are tangled together in a warm slurping mass of possibility. Maybe they need to fill their tummies and nap a good while before I break up the bunch and get to work. I can hardly wait.

“Drambuie” finds a home


“Drambuie” is going to live with “Jack Daniel”…but I believe she will rule the roost!

Holy Bear Poop Batman!

Zaydee and I went for a hike earlier this evening.  About 100 yards from my cabin I saw the biggest pile of bear sh*t I’ve ever seen.  Now I have seen LOTS of bear poop during the years up here and plenty of bear poop elsewhere.  I am no stranger to bear poop.  My stint as a wilderness ranger was in the Taylor Hilgard Wilderness… considered the “highest concentration of grizzly bears in the lower 48”…so not only did I see plenty of bears (and even woke up with one standing on my foot)…BUT…I saw lots of poop.  Never have I seen a pile like this.  Impressive. 

Holy Bear Poop Batman!

Zaydee and I went for a hike earlier this evening.  About 100 yards from my cabin I saw the biggest pile of bear sh*t I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, without exaggerating I’ve seen LOTS of bear poop during the years up here, my time in the back country, and