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Good o’l boy Farley found a new home…in Texas…after flashing his frisbee and those eyes in my art show at Elle’s Belles. Hope he can handle the heat.

Boo Boo

I’ve a fresh Snoopy band aid on my finger…lost a bit of flesh yesterday stumbling with a grinder in my hand…THEN I discovered that Shawn had disabled the safety switch with hot glue. Bugger.



Mr Forbes was the first to sell from the exhibit at Elle’s Belle’s in Bozeman. What?! You haven’t seen the show? Stop by for something scrumptious cooked with love in Elle’s kitchen and check out the "Amber Art"

Art walk’n and a good o’l campfire clutch


Livingston Art Walk with a gaggle of gals followed by wine and s’mores…half a dozen ladies and three happy dogs on my deck by a fire under a big Montana summer sky punctuated with a bright big sliver of moon.


-[photo} Dierdre and me on the four wheeler hauling firewood for the campfire.

Meg and I found a tiny little nest with itty bitty eggs while gathering marshmellow sticks. She was wandering the woods in a pair of my slippers and a flashlight, while I wielded the Leatherman and glass of wine.

Plumb Tuckered

Tail end of the nasty cold still has me feeling almost too tired to see this computer screen.

Today I launched into a new commission…on site…at a home up Tom Miner Basin. Lucky me to enjoy perfect weather for working outside on front entryway posts. Shade until early afternoon then a little tease of a breeze helped a bit with the hot afternoon sun. I must try to remember to take pictures…but honestly once I start working I can scarce remember such a thing as picking up my camera.

“Rock’n Raven”


The energetic little bugger just landed in his new Illinois home.
(or is that "Tweet?!)

Sweet potato fries, a cold and a collector

Sunday June 21

A cold-bone, sore-throat and headache-y bug has me and the sun just came out…! I’ve zillions to do before beginning a few commissioned carvings up Tom Miner Basin but just want to curl up and nap. Who gets a cold in the summer time? Chastised myself for overdoing it…am I getting too old for early mornings at my desk, followed by long physical days working, plus climbing and biking while averaging about five hours sleep?! Mmmmm….
But no! I just found out that everyone at the camp on the Grizzly Creek Ranch is sick. The camp was established to offer underprivileged youth a chance for an outdoor wilderness and leadership experience. http://myeconnect.org/ Pretty neat. The days spent up Tom Miner Basin have felt good…just simple outdoor physical labor for 10 hours a day rain or shine scours rusty spots from the soul. Hauling hay, catching horses, welding steel patches on cattle guards, and pruning trees in a Scotch Bright world complete with big-kneed animal babies and dramatic Montana skies. Good stuff.
A new collector visited over the weekend to discuss a commission for her Texas saloon. Loved her idea inspired by the Reliquaries. She walked away with 10 original works on paper and a belly full of fried food. No…I didn’t actually fry food myself but took her to this yummy little fried food stand in town where they served us seafood, sweet potato fries, and okra. We licked powdered sugar from our fingers while we ate the yummy fried Oreos… sugar lips and grins.


What?! Friday already? A week ago today I attended the first Art Walk of the summer season in Bozeman. I had a skirt on but luckily switched to jeans since the evening was crisp, cool and goose-bumpy with the spring smell of distant thunderstorms in the air. People were out in droves…a wonderful festive and good-energy feeling and much needed salve for the wound of the explosion that happened in March (see blog post about the explosion). I believe the best way to honor Tara’s untimely death was to celebrate art and artists.
Early Saturday morning I caught up a bit with the desk part of life before pulling on padded shorts and driving to the Natural Bridge up the infamous Boulder Valley. Two girlfriends and I panted and puffed our way up Green Mountain on our mountain bikes. Wow…I’m out of shape. But we actually made good time, sat “on top of the world” in a wild flower filled meadow. I shared the elk salami and dark chocolate packed for lunch, we took in the views, giggled a bit and laughed a lot while Zaydee rolled gleefully in the thick grass. The descent was a fast and furious spin downhill over rocks and roots without any accidents. I changed in the trailhead parking lot and “gussied up” a bit for an evening at a Women’s Spirit camp. I had been invited to speak so I drove the primitive road another 12 miles up the Boulder Valley in a downpour. The ladies were inviting and fun…the evening entertaining and sweet. The barely made it home by midnight without falling asleep at the wheel.Five hours later I was putting away the mountain bike backpack and loading up my climbing backpack for a day of climbing with two other gal pals. I’ll post a few photos rather than ramble.


Honored that I was asked to be one of the first artist’s to donate artwork for the Bridger Alternative High School permanent art collection. The art collection is the brain child of Stacey Herries who launched several new programs for the students during the past year. Her dedication to “at risk” youth is unwavering, empowering and downright impressive. "Jazz" found a good home.

Dirty Fingernails

Saturday morning I grabbed leather gloves, threw a shovel into my truck and sloshed a mug of hot tea down with yummy wheat-free cookies from the Nova (yes…breakfast!) Heavy dark clouds loomed large and ominous but actually cooled things off nicely for the work ahead. Five local fellas and I created a brand new trail to the local climbing craig. Zaydee hung around and kept us company. We made quick work of it and loaded the tools back into our trucks just before the rainstorm (which turned into a SNOW storm). Late afternoon I soaked in my sweet claw foot tub while a blanket of white snow hid the bright green forest floor outside.

The following post was written by Jim Earl for the
Montana Climbers Coalition website

"At the early-bird hour of 9:30 AM, six of us met at the parking lot for Allenspur. Our goal-to build a new climber access trail on a recently obtained trail access route- which mgiht become permanent after one year. On the crew were Amber ‘dig it’ Jean, Dustin ‘chainsaw massacre’ Gaines, Ted ‘trail pro’ Wood, Hermes ‘pick ax’ Lynn, Mark ‘spud bar’ Wolfenden, and myself, Jim ‘lazy ass’ Earl."